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8. John S. Bellenfant III son of John Bellenfant II and Jane "Jensie" Mary Scales was born in 1826 in Williamson Co., Tennessee and died on 26 Jan 1887 at age 61.

9. Sallie Elizabeth Webb daughter of Benjamin Webb and Margarett N. Jacobs.

John S. Bellenfant III
Sallie Elizabeth Webb
Joseph "Joe Ab" Bellenfant

John S. Bellenfant married Sallie Elizabeth Webb

Children from this marriage were:

1.   Joseph Watson Bellenfant was born February 15, 1830 in Tennessee. He married Matilda Annie Seay, the daughter of Eli Seay and Polly Holstead who were pioneer settlers of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Joseph was a Confederate Civil War Veteran. Joseph and Matilta had six children: Ada Bellenfant; Mollie Bellenfant; Pearl Bellenfant; Robert Payne Bellenfant; Sam J.Bellenfant; and Joe W. Bellenfant. Joseph Watson Bellenfant died on August 24, 1899 and was buried in the Bellenfant Cemetary in Bedford County, Tennessee. Maltilda Annie Seay Bellenfant died on February 24, 1938, and is also buried in the Bellenfant Cemetary.

2.   Margarett "Maggie" Bellenfant was born about 1873 in Tennessee. She married J.H. Elliot on April 29, 1924 in Hamilton, Tennessee. She was widowed relatively young and spent her later years living as a servant, or lodger, in other peoples homes. She died on March 11, 1953 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee.

3.    Lucy Bellenfant was born on December 25, 1877 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. She married Edd Pugh. She also married Thomas Jeff McClaran. She died September 11, 1962 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetary in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

4.    Nicholas "Cedar Nick" Dalton Bellenfant was born May 13, 1872. He married Addie Haynes and had one child; Mary Ann Bellenfant, (who married Grady Watson Davis). Nicholas died June 26, 1942 at 70 years of age.

5.    John Benjamin Bellenfant was born February 5, 1881 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. He never married and died on March 11, 1956 at 75 years of age.

6.    Joseph "Joe Ab" Bellenfant was born April 11, 1886 in Rutherford County Tennessee. He married Ina Mae Johnson, the daughter of Matthew Simon and Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth Henry.

They had four children in Okaloma:

i.    Earl Easton Bellenfant (whose descendants settled in Texas, and include National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Rider Hall of Famer Gary Bellenfant);
ii.   Lucille Bellenfant;
iii.  Frances Bellenfant;
iv.  Billie Joe Bellenfant, (whose descendants settled in the Imperial Valley area of California).

Joseph Bellenfant died October 2, 1965 in Riverside, California

7.    Granville L. Bellenfant was born on 28 Nov 1882 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. He married Annie Mae Cole, the daughter of William Glenn Cole and Mary Tennessee Manire. They had twelve children in Rutherford County, Tennessee: Robbie Lee Bellenfant; Virginia "Jenny" Bellenfant; Dessie Carlene Bellenfant; Mary Frances Bellenfant; Gran William "Buddy" Bellenfant; Margaret "Minnie" M. Bellenfant; Howard Cecil "Pete" Bellenfant; Clarace Lois Bellenfant; Ann Laura Bellenfant; Ivie Edward Bellenfant; Charles Leonard Bellenfant; Lawrence Allen Bellenfant.

Granville was twin to James "Jim" Larimore Bellenfant. He was a farmer. Granville Bellenfant died on July 6, 1881 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

8.    James "Jim" Bellenfant was born on 28 Nov 1882 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. He married Laura Wilson and they had two children: Ruby Bellenfant and John Bellenfant. John Bellenfant married Flora L. Smith and he died on January 1, 2001 in Eagleville, Rutherford County, Tennessee.

9.    Nora Bellenfant was born April 26, 1877 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. She married John Bell Taylor and they had two chlidren: Cleatus Taylor and Christoper Taylor. Nora Bellenfant died July 24, 1940 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

1880 Census
1910 Census
Nora Bellenfant
Death Certificate

10. William Glenn Cole,James Henry Cole and Mary Francis Taylor, was born on 3 Mar 1857 in Versailles, Rutherford Co., Tenn and died on 22 Jul 1948 in Murfreesboro, Tenn at age 91.

11. Mary Tennessee Manire, daughter of David Crocket Manire 3,4 and Martha M. Read,3,4 was born on 5 Feb 1866 in Rutherford Co., Tenn and died on 27 Aug 1913 in Rutherford Co., Tenn at age 47.

William Glenn Cole
Mary Tennessee Manire
Adelaide Frances Cole & Annie Mae Cole
William G. Cole & Robert M. Cole
Annie Mae Cole; Adelaide Cole; Ruth Cole; William Glenn Cole; Robert M. Cole; Mary T. Cole holding Martha Francis Cole

William Glenn Cole married Mary Tennessee Manire

Children from this marriage were:

1.    Minnie Lou Cole was born on September 16, 1888 in Rockvale, Rutherford, Tennessee. She married William (Willie) Bell Sudberry, (son of Richard Pitts Sudberry and Sally "Sarah" Jane Williams), on December 22, 1907 in Rutherford, Tennessee. William Bell Sudberry was born July 29, 1885, and died October 2, 1969 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, (from head injuries suffered in a pedestrian auto accident). They had no children. Minnie Loe Cole died January 6, 1973 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at age 84 and is buried with William Bell Sudberry in Simpson Cemetary in Bedford, Tennessee.

Willie Sudberry WWI Draft Registration
Sudberry Headstone
Willie & Minnie Sudberry
Ellis Cole Death Certificate
Mattie Cole Death Certificate

2.    Ira Edward Cole was born in 1893 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tenn and died on 17 Feb 1895 at age 2.

3.    Clarence Glenn Cole was born before 1895 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tennessee and died November 13, 1887.

4.    Annie Mae Cole was born on Oct. 28, 1895 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tennessee. She married Granville Lipscomb Bellenfant and they had twelve children. Annie Mae Cole died August 22, 1977 in Rutherford Tennessee.

5.    Cora Adalaide Cole was born in 1890 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tenn and died on 16 Jan 1916 at age 26.

6.    Robert Marvin Cole was born on 7 Aug 1900 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tennessee. He married Mary Irene Hill on March 21, 1926 in Midland, Rutherford, Tennessee. He also married Lorene Wilson on June 1, 1950. Robert Marvin Cole died on July 7, 1979 at age 78.

7.    Ruth Esther Cole was born on 26 Feb 1903. She married Frank "Babe" Williams before 1925. Ruth Ester Cole died about 1973 in Franklin, Tennessee.

8.    Martha "Mattie" Frances was born on 10 Aug 1903 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tennessee and died on 17 May 1925 at age 19.

9.    Ellis Reace Cole was born in 1908 in Versailles, Rutherford, Tenn and died on September 13,1908 at 4 1/2 months of age.

*The great majority of the information and photos regarding the Cole family was researched and provided by Aubrey Cole & Alan Freeman and additional information regarding this family
is available at:

The Cole Family
Cole Descendants
Ruth Cole Birth Certificate
Robert Cole Draft Registration
Robert Cole Headstone
Annie Mae Headstone
1860 Census

1870 Census
1880 Census
1900 Census
1910 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census
1940 Census

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12. Reece Leon Jones, son of John Reese Jones and Audry Merretta Jackson Graham,3,4 was born on 7 Mar 1888 in Albion, Cassia, Idaho, died on 10 Sep 1972 in Marysville, Yuba, California at age 84, and was buried on 15 Sep 1972 in Yreka, Siskiyou, California.

Don Stokes his uncle Reece Leon Jones
Audrey Jones & her brother Reece L. Jones
Reece Jones Obit
Reece Jones Headstone

13. Olivia "Libby" Mikesell Lewis,3,4 daughter of Yoan Harrison Lewis Alice Sophia Mikesell,2,3,4 was born on 18 Jun 1892 in Paradise, Cache, Utah, was christened on 7 Jul 1892 in Paradise, Cache, Utah, died on 30 Sep 1936 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California at age 44, and was buried on 3 Oct 1936.

Reece L Jones & Olivia Lewis

Reece Leon Jones married Olivia "Libby" Mikesell Lewis3.,4

Children from this marriage were:

1. Valier Arland Jones was born on 9 Nov 1912 and died on 22 Oct 1970
2. Leon Henry Jones was born in 1910.
3. Marvin Randal Jones was born in 1915.
4. Alice Audry Jones was born in 1917.

Marvin R. Jones Autobiography

Reece next married Myrtle Nora Chapman 43 on 24 Oct 1932 in Oroville, Butte, California, United States. Myrtle was born on 20 Feb 1903 in Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States,43 died on 12 Dec 1981 in Gridley, Butte, California, United States43 at age 78, and was buried on 15 Dec 1981 in Gridley-Biggs Cemetery, Gridley, Butte, California, United States.43

Children from this marriage were:

1. David Thomas Phillips 44 was born on 24 Feb 1929 in Gredley, Butte, California.44
2. Myrtle Myretta "Tena" Jones 45 was born on 12 Aug 1935 in Linda, Yuba, California, United States,45 died on 18 Sep 2013 in Yuba, California, United States45 at age 78, and was buried in 2013 in Olivehurst, Yuba, California, United States of America.45

14. Roy Emery Andrews,3,4 son of Henry Ammah Andrews 3,4 and Francis Humpleby,3,4 was born on 7 Nov 1878 in Elk Precinct, Lancaster, NE, died on 14 Feb 1943 in American Fork, Utah, UT at age 64, and was buried in Alpine, Utah, UT.

15. Rosabell Lewis,3,4 daughter of Lewis Lewis 3,4 and Clara Margaret Romeril,3,4 was born on 25 Aug 1890 in Salt Lake City, S-Lk, UT, died on 30 Apr 1949 in Salt Lake City, S-Lk, UT at age 58, and was buried in Alpine, Utah, UT.

Roy Emery Andrews married Rosabell Lewis3,4 on 11 Sep 1907 in Alpine, Utah, UT.

Children from this marriage were:

1. Bernette Andrews 50 was born on 13 Jul 1911 in Nevada,50 died on 8 Aug 2003 in Chaves, New Mexico50 at age 92, and was buried in 2003 in Alpine, Utah.50
2. Maxine Andrews 6,7 was born on 2 Feb 1913 in Nevada
3. Bruce Lewis Andrews 51 was born on 30 Nov 1923 in Provo, Utah,51 and died on 8 Feb 2005 in American Fork, Utah51 at age 81, and was buried on 11 Feb 2005 in American Fork, Utah.51

Rosabell Lewis Andrews
Bernette Andrews
Maxine Andrews Jones
Bruce Lewis Andrews


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