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32. John "Jean" Bellenfant, (Ballanfant, Belenfant, or Balanfant) was born approximately 1850 in probably Marseilles, France. Family history has always had him coming over with General Lafayette during the time of the American Revolution. This is supported by the prominance of the "Lafayette" name in the Bellenfant family in later generations. He died in May 1802 in Rockingham (Guilford) Co., North Carolina.

He lived in Virginia and North Carolina, and took an oath of allegiance to Virginia in Jan 1786. He lived in Halifax Co., VA, 1787-1792, and in Rockingham Co., N.C., 1792-1798.

33. Louisa "Lucy" Yeoman, daughter of Drury Yeoman, was born in England Or Virginia and died on 23 Aug 1797. She may also have been known as Lucy Emmons and/or Louisa Yeomans.

John Bellenfant married Louisa "Lucy" Yeoman in 1784-1785 in Virginia.

Children from this marriage were:

1. Elizabeth C "Betsy" Bellenfant was born on 29 Mar 1787 in Halifax Co., Virginia, , and died on 30 Dec 1870 in Giles Co. TN, , at age 83.
2. Mary Jessaline "Polly" Bellenfant was born on 29 Mar 1787 in Virginia, , and died on 3 Jan 1875 in Columbia, Maury Co., Tennessee, at age 87.
3. Susannah, "Susie", "Suky" Bellenfant was born on 23 Jan 1789 in Halifax Co, VA,, died on 16 Dec 1864 in Maury Co, TN, at age 75, and was buried in Maury Co, TN,.
4. Joseph Bellenfant was born on 14 Nov 1790 in Halifax, Virginia, died on 9 Nov 1869 at age 78, and was buried Maury Co., Tenn in Ballanfant Cemetery.
5. John Bellenfant II (born on 1 Jan 1795 in Rockingham Co. North Carolina, , - died on 2 Apr 1867 in Bodeham, Williamson Co., Tennessee,)
6. Corinne Mourning Bellenfant was born on 23 Aug 1797 in North Carolina and died on 23 May 1881 in Vanndale Arkansas at age 83. Another name for Corinne was Morney.
7. Louisa Bellenfant

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John next married Sally Ray, daughter of James Ray and Betsy Ray.

34. Absalom Scales, son of John Scales and Lydia Jane McClaren, was born on 31 Dec 1769 in Patrick, Pittsylvania Co., VA and died on March 17, 1835, in Williamson Co., Tennessee at age 65. Abasalom Scales was from North Carolina and was one of the earliest settlers in the Eagleville area of Tennessee. Around 1790 he erected a four-room frame house of yellow poplar on his 600 acres of rolling land. The Absalom Scales House is recognized as an Historic House by the National Rigister of Historic Places. It was built for Absalom Scales and his wife Nancy Dalton, whose paternal grandfather Samuel Dalton Sr., was a British immigrant and personal friend of U.S. President James Madison. In 1835 it was inherited by their son Noah, who enlarged the house, covering the entire structure with brick. The Absalom Scales House has been renovated several times and has been a landmark in the small farming community of Eagleville.

35. Nancy Ann Kenner Dalton, daughter of Samuel Dalton and Charlotte Gallihue, was born on 2 May 1773 in Rockingham (Guilford) Co., North Carolina and died in 1840 in Williamson Co., Tennessee at age 67.

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Absalom Scales married Nancy Ann Kenner Dalton.

A child from this marriage was:

Jane "Jensie" Mary Scales (born on 11 Dec 1800 in Williamson Co., Tennessee - died on 21 Nov 1874 in Williamson Co., Tennessee)

36. Aaron Woodlee Webb, son of Isaiah Elder Webb and Harriet, (the grandaughter of Robert H, and Scinthy Tate of Grundy Co., Tenn), was born in Pennsylvania, United States in 1775 and died April 11, 1885 in Rutherford Co., Tennesee .

37. Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Owen, daughter of David Russell Owen and Sarah "Sally" Lynch was born on August 28, 1804 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee, and died December 14, 1882 in Rutherford Co., Tennesee .

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Aaron Woodlee Webb married Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Owen on January 27, 1823 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee.

Their children were::

Benjamin Webb was born about 1802, and died between 1880 and 1881 in Rutherford Co., Tenn

38. Greenberry Jacobs, son of Joseph Jacobs and Lucy Greenberry, was born in July 1778 in Montgomery, Maryland, United States. He fought in the War of 1812 under Captain Ephraim Dunn in the Virginia Militia and received a land grant for his service. His father, Joseph Jacobs, fought in the American Revolution. Greenberry Jacobs died on 14 Jun 1857 in Rutherford Co., NC at age 78.

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Greenberry married Sally (Unknown).

A child of their marriage was:

Margarett N. Jacobs was born on 13 Feb 1850, and died on 25 May 1923

40. Thomas Cole, son of Thomas Cole and Elizabeth, was born on 25 Mar 1809, in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA, died on 23 Sep 1847 at age 38, and was buried in MT Pleasant Church, Eagleville, Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA.

41. Nancy "Ruth" White, daughter of Colonel White and Ann Morrow, was born about 1809.

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Thomas Cole married Nancy White on August 18, 1830 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

A child from this marriage was:

James Henry Cole was born on 11 Sep 1834, and died on 11 Dec 1896.

42. Vincent Taylor was born on August 1, 1797 in North Carolina, USA,, and died on March 27, 1861 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee, United States.

43. Mary R. Puckett, daughter of Charles P. Puckett and Elizabeth Akin.

Vincent Taylor married Mary R. Puckett on 11 Dec 1820 in Rutherford Co., Tenn.

A child from this marriage was:

Mary Francis Taylor was born on 22 Nov 1838, died on 20 May 1890, and was buried in MT Pleasant Church, Tenn.

44. Lemuel Manire aka David L. Manier, son of Dr. John William Manire and Patty Ogilvie, was born on 18 Jan 1792 in Williamson Co., TN, died on 29 Jan 1837 in Rutherford Co., TN at age 45, and was buried in Manire Cemetary, Marshall Co., TN. Another name for Lemuel was David L. Manier.

45. Susan Ann Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Mark Lambert Jackson and Lennah Elizabeth Webb, was born on 14 Aug 1798 in Williamson Co., TN, died on 19 Feb 1862 in Rutherford Co., TN at age 63, and was buried in Jackson Ridge Church Cemetary, Rutherford, TN.

Lemuel Manire married Susan Ann Elizabeth Jackson on 22 Sep 1814 in Williamson, TN.

Children from this marriage were:

1.   Eliza Jane Manire was born about 1818 in , Williamson, TN and died in Apr 1896 about age 78.
2.   David Crocket Manire was born on 25 Mar 1832 in Williamson Co., Tennessee, and died on 1 Jan 1913.
3.   Stephen J. Manire was born in 1821 in Williamson, TN and died in 1895 in Okaloma at age 74.
4.   John Wesley Manire was born on 8 Jan 1823 in Williamson, TN, died in Jan 1894 in Rutherford, TN at age 71, and was buried in Jackson Ridge Cem., Rutherford Co., TN.
5.   Minerva Manire was born on 11 Oct 1825 in Williamson, TN and died on 7 Sep 1888 at age 62.
6.   Ann Manirewas born on 21 Sep 1827 in Williamson Co., TN and died on 24 Jan 1910 at age 82.
7.   Lemuel Manire was born on 18 Aug 1829 in Williamson, TN and died on 20 Mar 1898 at age 68.
8.   Leanna Or Lee Andrew Manire was born on 11 Mar 1831 in Williamson, TN.
9.   Lee Andrew Jackson Manirewas born about 1833 in Rutherford, TN.
10. Amasa Webb Manire was born on 8 Feb 1837 in Rutherford, TN and died on 24 Jul 1915 at age 78.

46. Robert Read, son of Josiah Reid and Mary Carson, was born on October 28, 1796 in Cambell Co., VA., immigrated to Rutherford Co., Tennessee in about 1802, and died there on December 17, 1883. He was married twice, to Elizabeth Gentry and Elvira Carson. Apparently, he gave all of his children by Elizabeth Gentry the "Read" surname, but named those by Elvira Carson "Reid"

47. Elizabeth Gentry was born before 1802 in Williamson Co., Tennessee, and died in Dyer Co., Tennessee in 1841

Read Geneaolgy
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Robert Read married Elizabeth Gentry on 16 Jan 1817 in Williamson Co., Tennessee.

Children from this marriage were:

1.   George Washington Read was born about November 29, 1824 in Dyer County, Tenn and died in December 1883, in Rutherford County, Tenn.
2.   Martha M. Read was born about 1835 in Williamson, TN.

Robert Read next married Elvina Carson.

Children from this marriage were:

1.   Jane Reid.
2.   James Reid.
3.   Elisha Reid.
4.   Henry Reid.
5.   Jurusha Reid.

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